Utah Market Overview

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Aligned Energy

3333 9000 S

Under construction on Phase 2 of their West Jordan facility, which will consist of 25 MW of critical IT space.  Aligned Energy was able to fully lease Phase 1 (10 MWs) in less than a year.

New Developments


6477 Wells Park Road


Provider favorability

  • Due to only Aligned Energy and Databank being the only wholesale players in the market, pricing is favorable to the providers.
  • According to the Utah Governor’s office of energy development, data centers may be eligible for several tax incentives including HCITC (High Cost Infrastructure Tax Credit) and AEDI (Alternative Energy Development Incentive), among others.

Cost of Power

cost per kWh

  • Utah enjoys some of the cheapest electricity and natural gas rates in the nation.
  • Utah’s power plants have transitioned to natural gas and steam over the last 15 years, and renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, are rapidly growing.

Utah Market Overview


14 wholesale and retail colocation data centers are located in the Greater Phoenix area.

The average transaction size in Salt Lake City: 500 kW to 1 MW

45 MW of supply is under construction and 125 MW are planned.

End-user favorability

  • Multiple long-haul routes connecting Salt Lake City to Phoenix and the Midwest
  • Ranks 2nd in the nation and 3rd in the world for fastest internet connectivity speeds
  • Ranks 5th in the nation for natural disaster safety
  • Since being a cold desert, it allows for ambient air cooling
  • High quality end users such as PayPal,
  • Diverse fuel mix including many renewable energy resources

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