Nevada Market Overview

Las Vegas demonstrates a continued interest from retail clients looking for usage-based pricing models. Of its client base, Switch reports that nearly 40.0 percent are interested in small deployments that come with common retail services.  EdgeCore announced a location in the Tahoe/Reno market with plans to develop, growing the mix of providers within the market.


Switch - The Core Campus

7135 S Decatur Blvd

Switch continues to slowly expand within their Core Campus in Las Vegas. They currently have 20 MW under construction and plans to keep expanding an additional 115 MW in the future.

New Developments


3856 S Everton Rd

Located in the Elliot Road Technology Corridor of Mesa, EdgeCore’s campus is planned to ultimately support 225 MW. They currently own 25 acres with an option on an additional 25 acres. EdgeCore broke ground in March 2018 and is on schedule to deliver its first 68,000 square feet and 4 MWs of commissioned space by mid-year. The campus will have its own on-site substation with 56 MVA transformers and the ability to expand the critical load.


Provider favorability

  • Pricing in Las Vegas/Reno is favorable for providers due to limited options for the end-user. With Switch being the dominant provider in the market, they have been able to control their rates due to lack of competition.

Cost of Power

  • Low cost of power compared to California. Multiple opportunities for renewable energy, mostly in solar and wind.

Las Vegas/Nevada Market Overview


15 wholesale and retail colocation data centers are located in Las Vegas/Reno.

The average transaction size in Las Vegas/Reno: 500 kW to 1 MW

40 MW of supply is under construction and 160 MW are planned.

End-user favorability

  • Multiple long-haul routes connecting Las Vegas to California and the Midwest
  • High quality end users such as PayPal, Shutterfly, eBay, and Blizzard,
  • Proximity to California and lower cost of doing business
  • Diverse fuel mix including many renewable energy resources
  • Ranked in the top 10 for low catastrophic and natural disaster risk

Nevada Taxes

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