Data Center Research

Data Center Research

We provide site selection consulting services for colocation facilities, ground-up builds, and data center retrofits. Our process is designed to provide an in-depth analysis for your IT, procurement, and real estate departments and help communicate your decisions to upper management. Our services range from identifying the top cities and evaluating power considerations, natural hazard risks, latency concerns, energy profiles, water availability, free cooling, labor pools, flight strategy, and tax impacts all the way down to selecting the final location.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are often among the first of considerations in any site selection process. However, that does not make them any less critical to understand and analyze.


Power has tremendous implications on the total cost of operations for any data center requirement. Beyond understanding the cost of power is the fuel mix and the reliability of the power.


With access to the fiber maps for hundreds of carriers nationwide, our group has the capability of evaluating site locations for fiber in the surrounding areas. We have relationships with teams that evaluate the cost to run fiber from an A to Z location compared to finding a lit site.


With a database of more than 1,500 airports in the country, we track the size of airports, flight volume, capability of handling cargo, and more.

Free Cooling

Free cooling is not just a buzzword anymore. We have the data to support site selections based on the latest ASHRAE standards, resulting a significant cost savings.


Holding digital flood data for all of the major markets, we have access to the floodways, base flood elevations, 100 year flood plains, 500 year flood plains, and more.


Working with our Business and Economic Incentives group at JLL, we deliver statutory and discretionary incentives that are freely available and, more importantly, the non-discretionary incentives that are sourced and negotiated after working with local municipalities and economic development groups.