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Mark Bauer 11/22/2019

In a recent article in The Business Journal, Dale Brown created an article named “The List” which is compiled of the top 24 Economic Development Organizations located in the Greater Phoenix area ranking them by their 2019 budgets. Topping the list was the Arizona Commerce Authority with a budget of $10.78 million. Although this ranking comes as no surprise, as they were also the top ranked Economic Development Organization in 2018 as well. The biggest jump on this list was that of the City of Goodyear Economic Development, who were previously ranked 15 in 2018 but are now ranked as the 6th best in the Greater Phoenix area with a budget of $3.14 million. On this list we also see two newcomers: Salt River Project ($1 million) and Phoenix MBDA Business Center ($291k). Of the 24 economic development organization, we see a total budget of $61.8 million and 263 total local employees working for these 24 organizations. (Brown, 2019)

Brown, Dale. “The List: Economic Development Organizations.” Phoenix Business Journal, 22 Nov. 2019, p. 22.

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