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The Future of the Internet

Mark Bauer 06/07/2022

Over the last 3 months, the term "Metaverse" seems to have been thrown around a lot. With all this talk about the "Metaverse", what is it? What will it do? And Should I care? 


What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse isn't necessarily one thing, more a collection of the internet. The Metaverse is the entirety of the internet compiled onto a single virtual, playable "universe". Simply put, the Metaverse gives people the ability to buy virtual land, clothes, artwork, etc. 

That may all sound strange, and it is, but in 2022 it is a 47.4 billion dollar industry. Companies have already spent millions marketing, selling virtual products, and hosting virtual events within' the Metaverse. Versace has filed a patent allowing it to sell its virtual clothing as a Non Fungible Token (NFT) for your online avatar to wear within the Metaverse.


What Does That Mean for the Rest of the World?

With new markets come new jobs. Meta (formerly Facebook) is expanding its data center operations with an expansion to its largest facility in DeKalb IL. This expansion is expected to create 200 jobs in addition to the two new data center facilities around the U.S. that are currently under construction. 

Microsoft is making a big commercial push for AR in the workplace and using Mixed Reality to enhance the collaborative experience in the workplace. 

Online virtual concerts are also coming up with YouTube broadcasting Coachella live and Travis Scott hosting a Concert in the video game 'Fortnite'. 

This doesn't mean you should be expecting to go into your virtual office tomorrow. Although, in your daily life you can expect to see a push for virtualization. Whether that be when shopping, meeting with co-workers or family members through Zoom, or attending live meetings through Teams. In some way or another, you are already using the Metaverse without even knowing it. 


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