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The Developing City of Goodyear

Mark Bauer 01/08/2020

Goodyear is one of the busiest cities in the Greater Phoenix area and has many developments under construction as well as many other already erected sites. Microsoft and Stream are just two of the many corporations that are deciding to develop in the West Valley. Microsoft currently is in development of three different sites located in the West Valley combining them for a total of 565 acres of land. Stream currently only has one site in development with 130 acres of land, but who’s to say they won’t expand like Microsoft has in the West Valley? Stream is currently under construction on the roof of their existing building and have plans to deploy 6 MWs of available data center space by mid-year. Compass, another corporation with land in Goodyear, is currently under construction on two of their buildings. They are also underway on building one of two of their dedicated substations. Compass has plans to bring on available space before mid-year.

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